Istanbul, Istanbul

My old friend, there he was and is! Think the friendship is still alive.. Some things familiar, some new things and impressions. I’m staying in Sultan Ahmed, a touristic area, close to the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia. Normally I Would avoid things like that, but I found nice places and good people here. I am also trying to practise my Turkish, it’s amazing I remember and recognize words.


I spend four wonderful and great days with my bf, it was more than I could dream of. We were laughing, talking, did sightseeing, eating, smoking sise (waterpipe) , boat trips, walking. Just having a good time, easy going. Istanbul is very romantic for those who didnt know..šŸ˜‰

We have visited Aya Sofia, the blue mosque (Nice, famous, but not the nicest in my opinion) we went to Galata ( dont go into the tower, but visit the cafĆ© Konak nearby, drink tea and have the most great view over the city) and Taksim. We went to the islands, adalar, and got off at Princess Island, nice for eating fish and see beautiful Ottoman style houses. No cars, only horses, bikes and scootmobiles. And we went to Eyup, 45 min by boat from Karakoy, had an even greater view from all over town and saw the sultan Eyup mosque, a pilgrimage place… And Of course we went to the grand bazaar (not that long, it drives you crazy) Time was flying. b7bc7002-a7d3-46c4-a5e2-f96d71468b04<<<<<<<<<<<<

In the midst of the touristic crowds and area (Sultan Ahmed)Ā there is a Nice place to go for food, drinks or sise. It’s called Anatolia House. The people try to make you feel at home and are in for a chat. One evening we even did some traditional dancing!img_0667img_0707

Now it’s back to solo traveling. It was very sad to say goodbye to love, but for those who know me: (and If you don’t, then you know now) I’ll manage. Taking some easy days and think of what Will be next up. Many plans, but choices to makešŸ˜‰Istanbul, Istanbul…

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