(How I became) 42 and about winners

My birthday is over. I’m 42 now! I had a great day this weekend, when my family came over and my bf’s family and kids. I organised a bbq and took care of cakes, drinks and food. Full house.
There were 7 kids playing around and some of the kids had never met. It went all smooth and nice. My parents in law and my parents met for the first time as well. Also that was fine. It was busy, but cosy. I received lots of nice presents: books, earrings, vouchers for a high tea and make up, a lot of flowers, paint and sweets.
I enjoyed it when all the time the children were calling: ‘Wendy, can I…….’
Wendy, is it allowed to….. ‘  They were crazy about my cat Mae, cuddling her the whole time, and she was totally zen. I think it would drive me crazy when I would experience this every day, but at that moment it felt good. The kids are giving you something back, in words or behaviour, sometimes in a hug. And it felt good to spoil them (taking care) with treats like chocolates, ice cream, crisps, hamburgers, answering questions, a stroke on their back. I’m a sugar aunt, I guess.
Maybe it was also a point I clearly realised I don’t have children and most probably will never have them. That’s a fact. But I can do well for other people’s kids.

10th of September
On my birthday itself (yesterday) I had breakfast with my boyfriend early, and I walked in the park. I realised I was very tired. When I got home, I read in my new books and fell asleep for a moment. In the afternoon my two great neighbours came, a couple, my friends. It was cosy. My boyfriend came after work for cake as well. But I was again tired and overexcited after they all had left in the evening. No more yoga class, just me on the couch, with some tv and zap. I read around 80 birthday wishes on Facebook and LinkedIn, and it touched me.  I went to bed early and fell asleep after reading a few pages. Almost 9 hours later I woke up, realising I’m officially 42 now!
Tonight I will go with a friend to see a film in the film-theater. To celebrate once more:-)

Getting wiser hopefully and stronger, I wish this year will bring me closer to me. In a sense of dealing with my sensitivity, which I still often violently hide somewhere in a corner of my soul and in dealing with my wishes, career. I wish prosperity, health and a great job or fulfilment. And a lot of energy to put in my mission and goals. I wish clear answers so I can focus. I wish a deep contact with the children in my life. And love of course, so it can grow and grow.
I wish my boyfriend’s disease will be over for good. He’s now having treatments again and I hope this will work so we can focus on the good things in life and move forward.


Photo: aXXLc, Pixabay

Then, about the winners. In my last post I wrote that I was giving away presents. Unfortunately there was not much response, neither on FB. There were some likes but not real interest, because I didn’t receive any e-mails with addresses to send out my presents. Are you people not in for presents? Or having a hard time in receiving? Or were my presents not attractive enough? Or am I not having enough followers? Anyway, there are three people who will receive my presents, cookies and/ or cards and the winners are:

A. Meijer, UK
A. Andersson, Sweden
K. Wessels, The Netherlands (because he shared my post, thanks!)

The presents will be on their way soon! Congratulations!
Thank you.
Happy days!

Over Twicedoubleyou

Hello! My name is Wendy. I write on various sites and blogs. Feel free to join, follow me or respond. Or mail: twicedoubleyou@gmail.com. Thank you for your digital visit!
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2 reacties op (How I became) 42 and about winners

  1. A Meijer zegt:

    Awww – i feel honoured and thank you so very much lovely lady! Happy Birthday once more – and remember, your’e not too old to have children, look at me! 😉 lots of love – and thanks again! I hope all disease will end soon for everyone. Positive thoughts. xxxx

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