Homesick (The Cure)

Once I was so shallow and tough
But the song was there
In my teens, on my discman in the bus
Or endlessly when lying in bed
Only the title and sound was enough

I have always been homesick
For what? For myself
For my other half
Maybe for another trick or some shell

And I never really wanted to walk away
I guess that even the lyrics were misunderstood
But now I know, and it may be a mindfuck, that I never really understood
that I was so stuck
Homesick was subconsiously my longing, so deeply stunning (me)
‘Cause how could I possibly know that someone would truely inspire me
the desire in me to never wanting to go home?
So I just kept on running
Avoiding to get stuck in the honey
To never feel this devastating sorrow and so sunny

And all the time I was homesick
For what? For the Self
For my other half
Maybe for another trick or some shell

Then one day the discman made me drop
all of my tears in the bus
Remembering being in the back, I was twenty something
No shame, no game, homesick was there again
It was late, going to my folks and there was no choice but to let them
silently fly
I broke and I just allowed my ancient cry
To flow
And now, only now I know
And it seems so pure
Now I listen, now I know
What is the cure


Over Twicedoubleyou

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