What’s Cooking..

I will be cooking for a group for a whole weekend for the first time in my life. As being single for quite some time- I’m cooking mostly one person meals,  maybe for two-four when there’s company or I just grab something I fancy and prepare it instantly- this will be quite a challenge. The group is unknown to me, people who are going to do active meditations (in total we are with 13 and one day with 15 people). I attended that same weekend last summer and it was great. So I offered to help out and in return I am free to participate in the programm if there’s time (left). Ok, lovely. The rule is that it needs to be vegetarian food and it should be low budget.

Since I heard that I am being ‘hired’ as a cook, I am thinking of the menu, reading books or internet recipes. I even have tried a recipe, a soup, and let the teachers taste it. They where happy, even delighted. Now it’s my job to make bigger portions with the same taste… It has to be tasty, but also easy to prepare, but nice when it comes to presentation. Oef.  I love spices and herbs, so that will be. I can already reveal there will be main courses like Indian curry with salad, rice and mango chutney, and an eggplant+tomato oven dish with pasta/pesto salad, a meal with soup and salad and two deserts, one with greek yoghurt, walnuts and dates,  one with icecream, home made spicey warm apple sauce. And two times breakfast, but that is a buffet thing with bread, yoghurt and muesli, eggs etc. I was planning to make hoummous as a spread though. So no junkfood, but freshly prepared food! (except for the deserts). Check if interested my blog with some recipes: http://gezondetenenzo.blogspot.nl/ (in dutch)

I will be doing some shopping with one of the organisors in two days and there is time to prepare stuff on the day it starts. I also need to cook for the teachers before the guests arrive, I recently heard.

I love to cook, I love to serve, that’s what I have always said and thought. I hope after this event, I can still say the same. It will be hard work and stress perhaps, an attack on my timing skills, I realise. Because I want things to be good! And they will be… Even if I am the one who will be cooking:-) whuah!

I write this to remind myself that I do this to ‘dance’ with life: to discouver my true qualities and passion, to serve and learn, set boundaries, to stay to myself and nourish my spirit.
To be continued…

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